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The Nordic Walking Academy 

Nordic Walking is a superb outdoor fitness activity for all abilities

The Nordic Walking Academy is based in the wonderful North East of England, it was founded by myself and based upon the European principals and techniques of Nordic Walking.

We offer a complete Nordic Walking development programme from the first taster session through to the Elite Course, we also have regular walks in the local area and organise other walks and events which you are invited to join on completion of the Foundation Course.

About me, David Thompson  

Nordic Walking Academy Principal Instructor (NOWAS UK)

I have been Nordic Walking for 11 years, my Nordic Walking bug began when I was on a winter holiday in Austria, where I enrolled on Nordic Walking course with my now Austrian mentor. I have furthered my education and enthusiasm for Nordic Walking over the years both here in the UK and Austria, I have enjoyed encouraging and instructing people with varying abilities to become competent Nordic Walkers and to walk in progressive groups

Now that I am lucky enough to be back in my homeland and living on the coast it is my mission to continue developing the Nordic Walking Academy in the North East, instructing like minded people to Nordic Walk at their own comfortable and challenging levels attaining personal goals and achievements.

I am looking forward to introducing you to the fun and enjoyable elements of Nordic Walking and to share with you my passion for this great outdoor activity.

Please enjoy reading the following information pages on this website, click on and be Nordic Walking educated!

Should you want to talk with me about Nordic Walking, please do not hesitate to contact me, it will be great to hear from you.

I hope to be seeing you soon and cheers...  

David T

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