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Sessions, Classes and Courses

We offer a complete Nordic Walking (NW) development programme from the Taster Session on to the Foundation course where you will become a developing Nordic Walker and be able to join us on Group Walks and Events, then if you get hooked progression through a further 3 levels - Intermediate, Advanced and Elite Courses.

No specailist clothing is necessary for our sessions just trainer type footwear and appropriate weather clothing (layers are best).

For all our coached sessions / courses and individual one to one sessions you are able to use our Nordic Walking Poles free of charge.

Nordic Walking Taster Sessions

A gentle and easy introduction to Nordic Walking taking approx. 1 hour. You will be taught the basics of a new and exciting experience for you and the others on the session. I hope to whet your appetite to progress onto a Nordic Walking Foundation course. If you prefer, you can join the foundation course without having had a taster session

The Foundation Course Structure

This is a fun and purposeful 3 week modular course, each session is approx. 1.5 hours. You will be introduced to challenges and experiences that the technical elements of Nordic Walking bring. On completion of the course you will be able to confidently ‘stride out with Nordic Walking passion’ when you join a fun Nordic Walking group.

Nordic Walking Health Level (Module 1): A comfortable walk at a steady pace with the Nordic Walking poles. The elbows should have only a small bend and the arm should be low and relaxed. The arms swing comes from the shoulder (not the elbow) and the arms should almost brush the tops of the legs with the hands. Swing the arms forward and back, opposite to legs. The stride should be natural, with individual stride length. The foot action should be as natural as possible with the heel absorbing the initial impact and then roll through to the front of the foot – heel to toe action.

Nordic Walking Fitness Level (Module 2): A more brisk pace, larger stride and full arm extension/swing. There should be a slightly bigger bend in the elbow that will allow a quicker movement of the arm swing. The emphasis is on the back swing, a piston action with arm close to the body. The stride length increases and the pace increases. The foot strike will continue to be heel to toe with more emphasis of the drive off the back foot.

Nordic Walking Sports/Athletic/Challenge Level (Module 3): The most challenging level which also includes the full arm extension of Level 2 plus constant force through the heel of the hand into the Nordic Walking straps - from pole plant to hip. Remember to keep your fingers loose and relaxed - no white knuckling of the pole. A brisk bounding/running action with a side to side movement like speed skating

  • It works 93% of your body muscles as you are incorporating your upper body with a normal walking action
  • Excellent cross-training exercise easily reaching +75% of maximum heart rate and easier to stay in the fitness zone
  • Increased overall strength, endurance and tone in the arms and upper body
  • Greater ease in climbing hills by reducing the weight on your legs by up to 25%. Because you are using more muscles and doing more exercise, the effort is spread across your whole body and, therefore, Nordic Walking can actually feel easier and less tiring than normal walking
Coming very soon will be a list of course details ie course, dates, nos of sessions. 
Please contact us for further information.

Dates and Locations

Taster Sessions

Foundation Course

Group Walks

It is our good intention to adhere to published dates and times to ensure continuity however we ask you to please note that all sessions and course dates may be subject to ‘good notice’ change to accommodate attendance numbers fluctuation and any emergency situations that may arise, so that been said lets us hope that no changes are needed.

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   One-to-one Session
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